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Horizon Factory is currently less of a factory and more of an idea. We don’t actually make anything, but we strive to be a creative space for handmade, unique things- music, writing, art, and objects.
HF also aims to publish interesting writing (fiction, essays, interviews and reviews), both in print and on the web, as well as release music and provide an outlet for other art.
Ultimately, HF provides an online forum for discussion of DIY art, technology, and more.

To contact us, please comment on an appropriate post.

Foreman: S Gooch

HF needs support from our readers, contributors, and friends. Below are some suggested amounts for donation with their patronage levels.

To show our appreciation for your support, your name will be included as an HF patron on our Patron Page and in any physical media we produce.

Additionally, all donations of $25 or more include a custom numbered HF Patron Card, and donations of $50 or more include the Patron Card, a small trinket from our collection of oddities, and card expressing our gratitude.

$10.00 Ironmonger
$25.00 Millwright
$50.00 Machinist
$100 Floor Boss