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Someday I will build a better Wumpus, but for now, it’s off to find some black legos

I was cleaning the other day and ran across my box of Pixel Blocks, and decided to do something with them since I’ve had them for years and never really built anything with them.

As I’ve currently been somewhat obsessed with the TI-99 version of Hunt the Wumpus (video of game play here), I decided to try to build a Wumpus.

Well, my measly 400 block set and my limited color palette worked against me, but this is what I was going for:

Which is a bit modified from the TI-99 title screen:

This is what I came up with:

I’m pretty pleased. Obviously, it’s just the silhouette, I could have planned the colors better, and the body needs a bit more bulk compared to the legs, but it looks like a Wumpus!

I thought about getting more Pixel Blocks, but two things dissuaded me. First, they’re expensive. Really expensive. And I can’t find used ones on ebay. Second, they’re a beast to work with. Since they connect with two little channels on the sides, doing a ‘vertical’ sculpture with them like I did is rough. They can also be nigh on impossible to pry apart.

So, inspired by these:

From the AKSYS games blog

By Daniel Sosa-Navarro, from gaijin’s CommanderVideo fan art page

I’m moving on to make my very own CommanderVideo from gaijin’s Bit.Trip series (Bit.Trip.Runner is currently driving me insane with frustration and joy). I need to get a grip of black legos somewhere.

He’s only a man…

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