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Cube Dudes

On September 21, 2009, Angus MacLane, Pixar animator and Lego tinkerer extraordinaire, unveiled Cube Dudes, an awesome super-deformed format for DIY Mighty Mugg-style brick sculpture.

MacLane and his acolytes have created a huge number of these guys, drawing from assorted geekery, including Star Wars, Comics, and other sundry pop culture sources.
Oona goota, Solo? CubeDude Ira Glass
I think Greedo, by onosendai2600, is my favorite, and Ira Glass (MacLane) pretty sweet, and the rogue’s gallery of bounty hunters from Empire (MacLane, again) is breathtaking.
CubeDude Bounty Hunters
Oh, and bow down to everyone’s favourite heavy metal band:
CubeDude Spinal Tap

Aside from MacLane himself, Larry Lars has some great ones, like good ol’ 2-1B:
CubeDude 2-1B medical droid

And Reasonably Clever Chris’s “disarmed” Black Knight is python-tastic. “None shall pass!”:
Black Knight - Disarmed!

There’s a great interview with Angus at BricksABillion.

Be sure to check out the flickr Cube Dude pool for a growing collection, and start building your own…

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