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I’ve been meaning to put this up for a couple weeks now, but as this is the busy season for me, I just haven’t had time.
But better late than never…

Here is the cream of my Black Friday haul:

I saw it sitting on the floor in the local goodwill for $9, but initially walked on by. I was sure it didn’t work, and besides, I have little to no idea how to play the piano.

But, while waiting for the familia to get done shopping, I asked if there was a place I could plug it in. When I did, the little fan whirred to life, and, lo and behold, it worked. And sounded great.

So, I bought it.

I haven’t been able to find out anything about it on ye old internet, so all I know is that it was made by Sears, and has a little chord keyboard, entitled: “POLYCHORD SELECTOR”

So, I’ve been learning some ABBA, Bee Gees, and Neutral Milk Hotel songs (with the help of my talented wife).

Here’s a shot of the front, with a nice plastic filete:

If anyone knows anything about this little guy, please leave a comment. I’m guessing it’s early 80s in vintage.


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